Our Process

Website Design Process Overview

The design and development of a Brooding Artist website typically proceeds as follows:


Determine the Scope of the Project

This includes defining the expected size of the website (eg. the number of menu topics and sub-topics) as well as determining the type of content required. Options vary and can include text/images screens, picture galleries, project portfolios, on‑line brochures, order forms, quote request forms, PayPal e‑commerce, videos, soundtracks and jukeboxes.

If additional marketing services are required, we can also provide consistently branded business forms (eg. business cards, membership cards, etc.) as well as help setting up an online ad campaign (eg. Pay‑per‑click Google Adwords) and other services.


Determine the Style of the Website

This is where you determine the character of the website. Who is your target market and what would they expect from your website? Should it be clean and corporate, bright and cheerful or warm and casual? Your website should reflect who you are and who you want to attract to your business.

With this information, research is done to provide a short-list of customizable design templates that meet your criteria. If a suitable template is found we use it, otherwise we can create a new custom‑designed website.


Finalize the Project Scope, Costs and Schedule

Once the website's scope and design are clear, a proposal is prepared for your review. Once it is approved, a contract is drafted and signed. A deposit invoice is then submitted along with an initial schedule outlining a time‑line with specific requirements from both parties.


Website Setup & Development

For new websites, a domain name must be chosen and registered and a website hosting package set up. In short order, a test/development website is created on-line for you to review and provide feedback. Throughout development, we are in regular contact by phone or email to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Website Finalized

Once development is complete and you are satisfied, the test/development website gets moved to its permanent location on-line for the rest of the world to see. Email accounts get set up and tested. A sitemap is created and your website gets properly submitted to the major on-line search engines (Google & BING) for indexing. Your final website development invoice is then delivered.


Website Maintenance

An annual non‑refundable retainer of $50 covers up to one hour of maintenance throughout the year. This covers minor requested changes and other administrative requirements. If more extensive changes are required, a quote will be provided and agreed upon before additional work takes place.