Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-Friendly Design

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Responsive website design

Responsive websites (like the one you're viewing now) are designed to take the best visual advantage of the screen size available. For large screen devices it means larger image/video display and rich multi‑column text layouts. For smaller screens it means intelligently resizing text layouts and scaling down (or removing) images and other content. This automatic resizing makes for a more pleasant viewing/reading experience by eliminating the need to zoom-in or scroll content sideways on smart phones and tablets.

End Result: A single, technically‑advanced website that elegantly formats ALL your content to be accessible online from ANY web‑enabled device.

Let Brooding Artist Website Design create you an outstanding website that will WOW your online visitors no matter how they access information online.


To test if Google recognizes a website as being mobile‑friendly, enter the website URL online at the Google Mobile‑Friendly Test website.

Mobile‑friendly websites rank higher in online Google searches.