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SEO & Online Marketing

SEO Best Practices

Getting found online

Much has been written and discussed about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The goal of every business is to have their website rank #1 in online searches for specific keywords related to their industry. However, with millions of websites online, the competition is overwhelming.

The only sure way of ranking at the top of online searches is with paid advertising (e.g. Google's pay‑per‑click Google Ads).

That said, there are definitely ways to improve your search rankings using Google‑recommended best practices when designing your website.

Here are a few of the best practices that Brooding Artist Website Design can provide:

  • High Quality Content — Writing accurate and meaningful content is tantamount to ranking well. We can help you write that quality content for your site.
  • Strong Page Titles & Descriptions — Each website page should include well‑written, unique title and description metatags. These metatags are essential for proper indexing with Google Search.
  • Mobile‑Friendly Design — Google has increasingly ranked mobile‑friendly websites higher in online searches. To see if Google recognizes a website as being mobile‑friendly, enter the website URL online at the Google Mobile‑Friendly Test website. All Brooding Artist Website Design websites are mobile‑friendly.

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  • Social Media Integration — Another way to increase your search rankings is to include social media integration. If you have social media accounts we can include link buttons throughout your website (Note: You should also include a link to your website on your social media accounts).

    Adding separate social media sharing buttons on each page will allow visitors to quickly share your website content with their network.

    Both these social networking features will enhance your rankings in Google Search.

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  • Google My Business — There is a lot of questionable content on the internet including shady and often illegal websites. One way that Google filters out these bad sites is to have you "legitimize" your business by registering your website with a free Google My Business account. To help ensure the legitimacy of your business, part of this process includes Google mailing you a postcard with a verification code that you need to enter manually online. This helps eliminate a lot of illegitimate websites, and, if setup properly, also provides extra searchable information about your business.

    As a reward for registering, Google increases your online Google Search ranking, especially for Local Search, and also provides location access services on Google Maps.
  • Search Engine Submission & Monitoring — After each website goes live online, we submit it to Google for online indexing. We do this by submitting a formatted sitemap of your website to Google Search and begin monitoring its health. This standardized process ensures that your website is included in online searches as quickly and efficiently as possible and we get notified if Google finds any issues of concern with your website.

SEO Spam

Much of the unsolicited bulk email (spam) businesses receive is related to "SEO experts" trying to convince you that they have the latest tricks to fool Google into ranking your website higher in online searches. Most of these are scams to collect your personal information to use and sell for illicit purposes. If they are selling SEO tricks, they're inevitably detected by Google and websites that use those tricks are often punished by the attempt (e.g. severe demotion or elimination from online Google Search results).

Bottom Line: If you receive unsolicited email related to SEO services it's best just to delete it and move on.

Google Ads

Pay‑Per‑Click Online Marketing

Effective online target marketing

As mentioned above, the best way to rank high in online searches is to participate in pay‑per‑click online marketing services. As Google dominates online search with over 90% of all searches, the most used pay‑per‑click service is Google Ads.

If you are ready to take that next step, we can help you setup a Google Ads marketing campaign that fits your budget, targets customers in your service area (via search keywords/phrases and designated geographic region) and run the ads at the times of day that you choose.